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We require 72 hours notice in advance if you intend to cancel this order for any reason or change your move date. Cancellation fee is a 3 hour charge.  You are billed simply from the moment we arrive at pick up location, to the completion of the move-in process at your destination.
 Moving companies do not guarantee how long the move will take. Transportation is charged as a Double Drive Time (DDT) if the distance between your pick-up and delivery address is 10 and more miles. Customer is responsible for any parking tickets during loading and unloading if there is no official place to park. The overtime will apply if the job continuous 8 and more hours. California law requires that employers pay overtime, at the rate of one and half times the employee’s regular rate of pay for all worked more than eight up to. Every 1 hours after 8 hours =1,5 hours. Overtime (ca.gov)
Wardrobe boxes and blankets are free to use during the move ($15 per blanket and wardrobe box if you decide to keep it) and, we do have a box on sale: small box $3, medium box $4 and a big box $5. 1 roll of bubble wrap included and each additional $30 per roll (need to request upon reservation or inform office before move). Most items must be packed in order to be transported safely and be covered by insurance in the event of damage or loss. Basic insurance coverage is $0.60 per lbs. included in your rate.
Any bulky or heavy items that would exceed 200 lbs. or more are subject to an additional charge and must be agreed with the office before move date. Stair policy: additional $5 per step is required after 20 steps per location. Hoisting fee is additional $150.  We do not disconnect and reconnect any water lines, gas lines or electrical wires. We can only remove a TV from the wall mount, we cannot remove the mount from the wall. All should be done by certified plumbers.
At Urban Moving, we realize that you have a variety of options when it comes to transporting your valuable belongings.  We greatly appreciate your business and value your decision in choosing Urban Moving. We look forward to exceeding your expectations. You can choose the way of payment between cash and credit card (no checks accepted). The Final bill should be settled prior to unloading.
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